What would it be like to go for a flight?
Push out from the hangar, taxi to the runway, unfold the wings, take off, climb over nice scenery, soar, then return for a landing.

This video takes you for a full flight.

These videos try to capture a little of what it's like to fly in an RF5B.
Some of us retain a childlike awe that airplanes fly at all.
The lives of most people are largely two dimensional; traffic jams and impatient drivers.
When you swim in a vertical sea of currents with its inhabitants, it can be mind-opening.
Even more so if you can shut off the engine, listen to the wind and keep flying.
An elegance of movement. Of being part of flows and eddys. An invisible hand lifting you in a thermal.
Looking across at an eagle soaring in the same lift that is keeping you aloft.
Flying along the crests of mountains and seeing deer among the trees.
Almost silently along the shoreline and seeing seals and orcas.
A different way of being.
And you can be sure that the absloute, best sights occur when....the camera is in the hangar.

Nice Fall Flight Through the Mountains
Fly through the Cascades near Seattle, Oct. 2012
Mount Washington, Mount Si, Cougar Mountain, Tiger Mountain

Open Cockpit RF5B !
First flights

Open Cockpit Flight with Gary
Nice September afternoon.

Closer to the clouds
Take off and wind your way through the clouds.

Bree's First Flight
Took a 5th grader for her first small airplane ride. 3:29 minutes.

Open Cockpit Ride for Natalie
Took Natalie Stovall ( for an open cockpit ride. Format is similar to Bree's flight. Different route. 3:15 minutes.

A December Flight
This was a flight on a nice December day in the Northwest. This is short. Mainly shows a few nice still images from the flight that were captured from the video stream.