Sportavia RF5B Sperber
First flight after purchase: Wisconsin to Washington, Summer 2006

Sportavia RF5B Sperber
Sarah's first flight, Summer 2007

Sportavia RF5B Sperber
Flight to Hood River, March 2009

Sportavia RF5B Sperber
Journey to Springfield, Act I, June 2009

Sportavia RF5B Sperber
Journey to Springfield, Act II, July 2009


The following are stories I wrote for Renton Magazine. These are fairly large PDF's of the magazine pages.
Some pages are double-sized and require scrolling and adjusting the size.

World Cruiser

World Cruiser, October, 2008
Bob Dempster works on a recreation of the first airplanes to circumnavigate the globe.

Hank Hendrickson

Hank Hendrickson, May 2009
Hank Hendrickson flew B-17's during WWII and lived to tell about it.


Russell Williams, September 2009
Russell Williams is a private collector and restorer. Read about his Ryan and Spinach.


Sky Signs, February 2011